SurfAid and Walu Collaborate in Nias and PNG

SurfAid and Walu Collaborate in Nias and PNG

SurfAid International granted the newly formed Walu International an experience that will help proliferate their impact in villages in Papua New Guinea.

SurfAid gave Walu an inside look on how Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is being properly implemented on the island of Nias, off North Sumatra, Indonesia, with the objective of helping expedite the impact that Walu will have as an organization.

CLTS empowers villagers to arrive at a sanitation solution on their own, after realizing their current practices are harmful to their health. Since the ideas are locally generated, people have a sense of ownership over the projects and can create their own solutions. In the case of CLTS the first step is to encourage community members to construct un-subsidized latrines, using local resources, thus increasing the likelihood of success.

Walu International spent a week tracking the components of successful SurfAid projects, both in the office and in the field. With the help of the SurfAid staff in Nias, Walu was able to participate in the CLTS process from beginning to end. This first-hand involvement proved invaluable for Walu because they now have a vivid picture of what success looks like from the village perspective. Beginning with the end in mind is an important step in development and with the help of SurfAid staff, Walu is seeing the finish line much clearer…


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