First Day In Nicaragua

First Day In Nicaragua

June 1, 2015

This morning, Pat arrived in Nicaragua and is buying necessities before heading to the community. He will be living with a host family for two months. His primary objective is to work with the community to identify committee members to lead the project and then train the committee so they will be equipped to lead.

The goal is to improve the communities’ sanitation/hygiene conditions by building a latrine; however, if we do not equip and empower the community to lead this project, the eco-latrine’s potential will not be maximized. Our goal isn’t to merely improve sanitation & hygiene conditions for a couple of years, but to permanently improve the communities’ conditions and this cannot happen without community ownership.

We would love to see an eco-latrine built soon, but we will not rush through the crucial phase of creating community ownership by empowering leadership. So, we will not be boasting that we built 50 latrines in a month. Instead, we will be communicating the solid foundation that is being built to support sustainable growth.

We are thrilled about this summer and we look forward to sharing updates!


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