Evaluating Community Problems

Evaluating Community Problems

June 21, 2015
Pat is settled into Cuajachillo and is progressively learning valuable information about how they operate and what is important to them.

They have identified that their main concerns are water and sanitation (specifically latrines). The image attached is one of the exercises we use called the Problem Tree which identifies areas of concern in the community. After problems are brought up, the cause of each problem is identified and listed in the root area. This is a simple way to learn about and discuss community problems and obstacles they are encountering. Later the community decides which area is of most concern to them and then decides whether or not they want to resolve the issue. In this case, the community confirmed their commitment to improving sanitation conditions.

Pat will continue to facilitate community meetings. Our focus at this point is to provide education on sanitation/hygiene issues so the community is well aware of problems they are facing and long term solutions that are feasible to use. It is important that the community is well informed so they will be able to make make solid decisions that will affect them short and long term.

We are eager to see further community developments.

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