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Why Communities?

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On occasion, I ponder whether or not I should concentrate my efforts somewhere else. There are so many worldwide problems: Street Children; Trafficking; Refugees; Gangs; Poverty; Education and the list goes on an on. The root usually lies in communities. For example, a community that is lacking a resource to help it survive is more vulnerable to poverty. Poverty leads individuals to seek a way out. While seeking a better life, they can become prey to those who have ill intentions. These ill intentions can then touch our lives and we invest thousands of dollars to make sure it doesn’t become our way of life, but there never seems to be evidence that things are improving. If our focus was on creating healthy communities in our neighborhood, city, state, country, and world, some of these problems could be eliminated. Most people don’t want to leave their family, friends, and communities, but they don’t see any other way. My hope is that they won’t have to and instead will be able to meet their needs so they can make their families, communities, state, and world a better place. Sound simplistic? It is. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true, though. Walu has always said we do not wish to turn any...

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