full_1316652898Cynthia Runyon

CEO & President

Cynthia has been involved in humanitarian work for over twenty years both overseas and in the U.S. Her emphasis has been to work alongside people. When she became involved with community based development, it clicked with her because of her core belief that investing in and equipping members of communities should be the primary focus versus outsiders taking leadership roles and making crucial decisions. She has seen first hand the positive outcomes from this approach as well as devastating results when it is not followed. One of her favorite moments is when she hears community members say, “We can do this” because it shows they are confident to lead thus helping to break the cycle of dependency on aid.


Pat Barnosky – Nicaragua Project Coordinator

Pat has over three years of experience working on water and sanitation projects in rural Latin America. He was a Water and Sanitation Volunteer with the Peace Corps in a rural district of the coastal region of Peru for two years and Volunteer Coordinator of the Renewable Energy Initiative, in Lima, Peru for one year. He has experience in community organizing, dialogue facilitation and the implementation of educational workshops, as well as water system improvement and maintenance, water treatment and the construction of sanitation facilities. Pat has a Master’s Degree in International Development and Social Change from Clark University.




Matt Inbusch

At an early age Matt was exposed to a variety of global issues – cultural, economic, and political. He studied Int’l Relations at Colgate University, and then served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru for three years. He then moved to Washington, DC and worked on US government-funded projects supporting small business growth in developing economies. Learning more about the private sector’s role in global development motivated his decision to pursue an MBA at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. He is now taking a job with a large manufacturing company to work with their supply chain sustainability team on improving their global footprint. He spent a month in PNG overseeing construction of Walu’s first pilot eco-latrine, and is excited about our new direction in Nicaragua!

Laura Lynn -Treasurer

Laura has worked in the field of education for 20 years. Her passion is helping others and caring for our environment. She has back-packed through 39 countries and loved learning about different cultures. During her travels abroad, she quickly became aware of the abundance we have here in the United States and the need for humanitarian work around the world. Her career working with children is an important and rewarding one, but it has always been her goal to be a part of an organization where she can help others outside of the U.S. When the opportunity to be a part of Walu presented itself, she was immediately on board!

Zack Parker – Walu Founder

Zack is a two-time CEO/Founder of companies ranging from 5-25 people. He spent 2015 consulting and living in South America, Europe, and Africa. In his off-time, he’s traveling, surfing, or binge listening podcasts.


Christi Grab

Board Member

Jody Geare